5 places in Delhi where you can get delicious and filling food for less than Rs 200

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Delhi’s street food is famous in every city and people come from far and wide to taste the street food here, rather some people make videos of these food stalls on their own.

If you are a foodie and are looking for delicious street food, then let us tell you, you will not find good delicious street food anywhere from Delhi. Here you will find many snack shops on the roadside, in the narrow streets, where people are crowded. Now we are talking about street foods and if we do not talk about their prices, then it would be wrong. In this article, we are going to tell you about such street food places, where you can fill your stomach in less than 200 rupees. Can’t believe it, so let me tell you….

Hot Pot, Greater Kailash

When it comes to jugaad, no one can win over Delhiites. Chinese food is such a trend in India that in today’s time everyone enjoys desi Chinese food once in a day. Delhi has some of the most famous food vans that serve tangy dishes. Hot Pot is one such old van in Greater Kailash, Delhi where a variety of spicy Chinese food is prepared for less than 150 rupees.

If you are going to enjoy hot pot food, then we recommend that you try the Chili Potato, Chicken Garlic Chowmein, Veg Spring Roll, Chicken Momos here.

Sanjay Chur-chur Naan, Lajpat Nagar

If you are going out for a night out in Delhi, then definitely taste the Sanjay Chur-Churnan in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. For many years people have been coming here to enjoy their delicious curry and sour curd. Apart from this, definitely try the famous sweet lassi here, it makes the food taste and delicious. Aloo Naan, Paneer and Onion Naan, Chole Rice, Meethi Lassi are very famous dishes here. Here you can fill your stomach in less than 200 rupees.

Jain Chawal Wale, Connaught Place

If you ask Delhiites what their favorite food is, everyone will either have ‘Rajma Chawal’ or ‘Chole Chawal’. If you are craving to eat rajma chawal outside, then definitely visit the famous rajma chawal of Jain Chawal in Connaught Place. People come here from far and wide to eat a plate of delicious Rajma rice, now you yourself think how famous Rajma will be here. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the delicious Kadhi-Chawal, Chole Bhature and Tandoori Parathas here.

Javed Famous Nihari, Jamia Nagar

If you also think that delicious non veg is available in Delhi only and only in Delhi 6, then you are wrong. The streets of Delhi’s Jamia Nagar are also known for tasty non-veg food. In the vicinity of Jamia Millia Islamia, you will see the most non-veg dish, but the most famous shop among them is – Javed Famous Nihari’s shop. Here you can get tasty nihari and roti platter for 100 rupees or less. Apart from this, the Chicken Biryani here is also very famous.

Wengers Deli, Connaught Place

Whenever people visit Connaught Place, they have a desire to hang out with their friends in such restaurants or cafes, where they can sit comfortably and talk, as well as get cheap food. If you are also looking for something like this, then this time definitely visit Wenger’s Deli Cafe in Connaught Place. Here you will get to eat many types of pizza at the right price. Tasty pizza and milkshake are available here for less than Rs.200.

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