What is the difference between Smart Work and Hard Work?

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Earlier, when people did not have any contact with technology, in those days people used to face tremendous difficulties and difficulties while working.

This was the reason that at that time people had to spend most of their time either sweating in their fields or they had to face a lot of hard work and hard work in some work. This means that at that time people had to complete their work by showing immense hard work which was their compulsion.

But gradually the times changed and people started using their mind more than their body. The human brain also works in mysterious ways. When many scientists and intellectuals of the world also investigate the ways of working of the human mind, they merge in the sea of ​​wonder and press their fingers under their teeth.

If seen, there are two such things of which little knowledge of the working style has been given to man, firstly this huge universe of ours and secondly the human mind!

What is the difference between smart work and hard work

The difference between smart work and hard work is that whatever work we do with our intelligence and discretion by using the mind, it is called smart work and the work we do with only our body and hard work is hard work. It’s called work.

In this modern era, smart work is given importance only because it requires hard work only once in the initial stages of work. Once the intellect is applied, if the paths are made, then in the coming days, the avenues of simplicity and ease are opened for the man.

Whereas in hard work this is not the case. The amount of hard work and sweat you have shed today, tomorrow you will have to sweat in the same amount or more or a little less. All the scientific inventions that have happened till date are all part of smart work.

Like some inventor invented a car in the past. Until he invented that car, he was doing everything possible to make it. He dreamed of the same invention day and night and was constantly engaged with his body, mind and money to make that dream come true.

He had no time to think or understand anything else. One day he invented the car and in this way his dream came true. After his hard work, he got rid of the difficulties of the journey to some extent and he started walking by car, leaving the cycle for traffic. It had nothing to do with the fatigue of the journey anymore.

He had got rid of this fatigue and hard work of the journey to a great extent. His mental hard work paid off and he also provided tremendous relief facility for other people of the society.

What is the difference between smart and hard work

We have already warned you that what can be the clear difference between hard work and smart work?

But to understand this completely, we would like to present an example in this regard.

Like there is a donkey of a washerman in a forest which is under his master performing hard work day and night. He does great labor according to the orders of the master.

There is also a lion in the same forest which sleeps for 20 hours, but due to its policy, by hunting within 4 hours, it manages its food and livelihood for the whole day. Even after sleeping for twenty hours, he is the king of the jungle and he dominates the whole forest.

The donkey is still a slave to his master after doing twenty hours of remunerative work. So after all, how did the difference between the personality of these two come between the king and the servant, although both work hard? The reason for this difference is only planned policy.

The lion always resorts to strategy during its hunt. While hunting a deer in the forest, he not only displays his strength, but his mind is also working very fast behind that hunt.

According to a strategy, he chooses a prey from the herd of deer and apart from that his eyes are not fixed on any other deer. Although the deer is much faster than the lion in terms of speed or running, but using its brain, uses its strength and ability properly and first runs after its prey continuously and makes it exhausted. Is.

Then when the deer is completely tired, the lion easily makes its prey by putting its jaws or claws on its neck. But in the case of donkeys there is no such thing. Although nature has provided the brain to both, but only the lion is able to use it properly. The swing of a donkey is such that it can destroy a newly constructed wall.

The summary of this example is that success or completion of any difficult task always requires planning by using the mind and dividing that work into steps is made easy. If there is no intelligence and planning behind any work, then we find that work difficult.

How to turn hard work into smart work

If you have already stepped into this material world, then you have to reach some or the other end in any case. No one can survive without work. You must also see that people around you, whatever field they belong to, are seen running and working hard all the time.

Their workload is clearly visible on their faces. In this modern era, no one has time to even meet and meet anyone. Time is passing fast due to work and busyness.

Every person lacks time. We accomplish any work by staying in time and dimension.

If we make our work easy, then this work turns into smart work. In this way, we can be able to do more work with less effort. But how will the effort to convert hard work into smart work be successful?

Let’s know what are the ways to make the work easier

Give importance to your favorite work

It is often seen that in view of the financial condition of the family and the tight paths of life, we are compelled to choose such work in which we do not feel at all. We lose our composure and cannot wait.

In such a situation, we are compelled to go to some such area in which going will improve our condition, but his mind cannot be engaged in that work in any way. Whenever you do such work in which your mind is not feeling, then your mind is also not able to work with activity or speed and you also fail in the plan to make that work easy.

As a result, you have to face double hard work in that work because on one hand where you do physical exertion during that work, on the other hand you have mental stress due to lack of focus on it.

In this way, your mind also gets bogged down with fatigue. Therefore, whenever there comes a stage in life where you have to choose between two areas, then learn to give importance to your favorite work and never get into the misguided talk of others. By showing a little patience and restraint, you can achieve your favorite work.

follow the time table

No one has time in the modern era. Everyone seems to be wandering here and there in this run-of-the-mill life. This is when a person starts doing some of his difficult work when time is running out of his hands.

There are many of us who have time in the early stages of the day, so they are just wasting it by doing useless things. When time runs out, doing any work becomes a part of their compulsion.

Because in any case, they have to complete that work in their remaining time (Deadline). In this way, when compulsion takes hold, they automatically become compelled and compelled. With gullibility on their face, they forcefully do that work, which makes their work worse in a hurry.

According to intellectuals, if we divide a difficult task into steps, it automatically becomes easy and easy. Suppose a company has given you a book based on fifteen thousand words to write and has fixed 15 days to complete it.

Now you are thinking that oh man! 15 days is a lot. Come on, let’s do this work comfortably. In this way you spent your ten days by roaming around. Now in the remaining days, that work will seem like a mountain to you. If you had written fifteen hundred words every day in time, then that work could have been easily completed in just ten days.

That is why it is said that if there is no plan behind any work, then that work automatically becomes difficult.

give time to your work

One advantage of giving time to one’s work is that the person becomes an expert by mastering the work related to that field. He gets experience of that work and taking advantage of it, he starts doing it with ease.

In the native language, his mind gets opened in that area. Apart from this, people start asking him for his opinion and advice due to his experience, but for this you have to stay connected with your work for a long time with patience and restraint.

Don’t be shy about taking opinion from people

It takes a brain to convert hard work into smart work. A person has only one brain, using which he can make his work easy, but when he gets stuck in some dilemma or problem, his mind sometimes stops working.

In such a situation, if you keep taking advice from people without being embarrassed, then they can give you tremendous advice. In this way you can do your work well.

Because what is going on in their mind may be better than what is going on in your mind and it is absolutely possible.

keep updating your work

In this fast paced life every man tries to make himself mentally strong. For this strength, he keeps updating himself to master the work related to his field.

If he does not do this, then he lags far behind the other people of the society. So if you want to maintain your success then you have to keep updating yourself in your work.

Don’t work with a sad and sad heart

When you are sad, you become mentally weak due to anxiety, due to which your brain works more loosely than a healthy person.

Therefore, be enthusiastic in your work and be busy with your life and always be ready to take your steps out of the quagmire of worry because by worrying, cleverness decreases and work looks difficult.

Whenever your mind is sad or sad, leave the work at that time and take a walk outside to keep your mind calm for a while. During that time, meet people laughing and ask for their well being.

In this way your mind will be refreshed and when you come back to that work, then with a new energy, you can easily complete the same work which you were finding difficult.

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