Pawan Singh became the most listened singer in India! Bhojpuri star achieved second place in the world

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The power star of Bhojpuri (Bhojpuri) Pawan Singh is going on a lot globally. This is the reason why Pawan Singh is the most listened singer in India last week and in this case his ranking is number one, while his position is second globally.YouTube brings out a weekly report every week, in which which singer’s song played in the last week, it is told. According to him, Pawan Singh’s song ‘Pudina Ae Haseena’ is the most listened song in India last week. According to this YouTube report, apart from Pawan Singh, no Bhojpuri singer is even in the top 10 in YouTube’s report.

At the same time, Pawan Singh’s song is being heard a lot globally, that’s why his ranking is second in the global market. Pawan Singh’s song ‘Pudina-e-Haseena’ is very popular not only in the country but also abroad, which has been heard a lot in the last week as well. This song will soon enter the 100 million views club. This song has got 97,555,426 views so far and has also become a reel on Instagram of this song up to 5 lakhs, which is the highest.

At the same time, on this success of Pawan Singh, distributor Prashant said – “Congratulations brother. One thing has to be accepted, you make history. And you will make history in future too.”