Today’s 5 India News: December 8, 2021 (Sedition Act, Incident, Religion / Thought, Incident 2, Bollywood)

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The use of sedition law is not stopping

In Assam, a journalist has been booked for sedition due to an article published on a news website. The Supreme Court of India has repeatedly raised questions on making a case of sedition, but governments are not deterred from doing so. In July this year, the Supreme Court, expressing deep concern over the misuse of the sedition law, asked the central government to continue it. The question was asked on the appropriateness of. Earlier, the Supreme Court had ordered to quash the sedition case registered against senior journalist Vinod Dua. But despite this, the central and state governments have been continuously using this law in their interest. In the latest case, a case of sedition has been registered against the editor for an editorial published on a local news portal in Assam’s Barak Valley. However, after his arrest, he was released on personal bond. But this case has started a new debate on the increasing cases of harassment of journalists in the Northeast. A case was registered against a journalist based in Assam’s Silchar on Saturday under several sections, including Section 124A (sedition) of the Indian Penal Code, for an alleged objectionable article. Anirban Roy Chowdhury, a journalist who runs a news portal named ‘Barak Bulletin’ in the Cachar district of the state, was summoned by the Cachar Police. Based on the complaint of a person named Shantanu Sutradhar, a resident of Silchar, an FIR has been registered against him. In the complaint filed by Sutradhar, filed on December 1, it was alleged that due to Chaudhary’s article, the mutual brotherhood of Bengali and Assamese people of Assam could be disturbed. Anirban was called to the police station on Monday.

After his arrest in this case, he has been released on personal bond. This is not the first or last case of harassment of journalists in the Northeast. Earlier in Mizoram, a national channel journalist Ammy C. Labei was also beaten up by the police. She had gone to the spot for coverage of the violent clashes during the Assam-Mizoram border dispute. In the year 2012, Tongam, editing of Arunachal Times, was shot in the stomach of Reena. But she was saved by chance. Earlier in August this year, the Directorate of Information and Public Relations of Assam had registered a case against an Assamese news portal named ‘The Cross Current’ for publishing false and fabricated information with the intention of tarnishing the image of innocent persons. Cases in other states: Many such incidents have come to the fore in other states of the Northeast as well. There have even been attacks on journalists criticizing the government. In a small state like Manipur, many cases of sedition have come to the fore in the last two years. In the year 2018, local journalist Kishorechandra Wangkhem was attacked by Chief Minister N.

Biren Singh was jailed for four and a half months after the National Security Act was imposed for allegedly making derogatory remarks. After that, in May last, the Manipur government arrested Kishorechandra Wangkhem and political activist Erandro Lechombam for one of their Facebook posts and both were charged with the National Security Act. In another case in January 2021, two editors of the news portal ‘The Frontier Manipur’ were kept in police custody for more than 24 hours. His release was possible when both gave written assurance of not repeating such mistake again. In May this year, a group targeted the residence of senior Tripura journalist Samir Dhar late at night. The house of Samir Dhar, the vice-president of the organization called Assembly of Journalists, has been attacked thrice since the year 2018. He has also received repeated threats. The murder of TV journalist Shantanu Bhowmik in Tripura in the year 2017 had made headlines all over the country. After that another journalist named Sudip Dutt Bhowmik was also murdered in the state. The Assembly of Journalists, which works for the protection of media rights, alleges that at least 28 journalists have been attacked in the state in the last six months. BJP spokesperson in Tripura, Nabendu Bhattacharya, recently told reporters that there were relatively more attacks on journalists during the Left Front rule. Shocking figures The statistics of arrests and punishment in such cases are shocking.

Between 2014 and 2019, 326 cases were registered, out of which only six people were punished. According to the Union Home Ministry data, a total of 326 cases were registered under the sedition law between 2014 and 2019. Out of these, maximum 54 cases were registered in Assam. Of these cases, chargesheets were filed in 141 while only six persons were convicted for the offense during the period of six years. Between 2014 and 2019, 17 cases of sedition were registered in Uttar Pradesh and eight in West Bengal. Chargesheets were filed in eight cases in Uttar Pradesh and five in West Bengal. But no one was convicted in both the states. Earlier in July, the Supreme Court had expressed deep concern over the misuse of the sedition law. The top court had asked the Center why the provision used during the British rule to “silence” people like Mahatma Gandhi to suppress the freedom struggle was not being scrapped. He made this remark during the hearing of petitions by a former Major General and Editors Guild of India challenging the constitutional validity of Section 124A (sedition). Senior journalist Tapas Mukherjee says, “Especially in the Northeast, journalists have to step by step. Don’t know what news may cause the eyes of the government to turn a blind eye and the journalist and editor concerned should go to jail.”


Fearless crooks in Bihar, bombs thrown at coaching operator, narrowly saved lives

In Nurpur of Madhusudanpur police station area of Bhagalpur district, masked miscreants pelted a bomb in front of the coaching operator late on Sunday night, in which the coaching operator narrowly escaped. Hearing the sound of the explosion, people rushed towards the spot and the miscreants fled after firing. Police have registered a case against three unidentified persons.

Regarding the incident, Jeet Rana, son of Balram Kumar Thakur, resident of Noorpur Ward 3, told that he was returning home from Sheikhpura with his friend Surya Prakash Lal, resident of Orphanage Road. First he dropped his friend at their house and started coming back to his home in Nurpur alone in a car. As they approached the Nathnagar station cabin, three bike-borne miscreants followed them and started overtaking. It was enough night that he did not think it appropriate to stop the car. Come straight to your home by car. As he opened the door of the car and came out, the three miscreants got entangled with him and started abusing him.

The faces of the three miscreants were covered with monkey caps. The miscreants lobbed a bomb in front of them with the intention of robbing and killing them. By which he somehow survived. Neighbors also ran outside after hearing the sound of the explosion. Seeing the people coming, a miscreant opened fire, in which he himself may have been injured. Because when the miscreants were running away from the bike, blood was dripping from the hand of a miscreant. To shoot the second bullet, as the miscreant put his hand in the pocket, two live bullets fell down from his pocket.

On the matter, in-charge of Madhusudanpur OP, SHO Santosh Kumar Sharma said that on the written complaint of the applicant, FIR has been registered against three unknown miscreants under sections of Explosives Act and Arms Act. CCTV footage related to the incident has been found. The miscreants will be identified and arrested soon. A sample of explosives has been taken from the spot.

Used to help students preparing for competitive exams
At the same time, the local people told in a hushed tongue that be it the constable recruitment examination or any other examination, the coaching operators used to help the students preparing for the competitive examination till they got jobs. It may be that the competitive examination of a student has been spoiled, due to which such an incident happened. The local police has started investigating the matter. However, the operator told that he was not able to run coaching permanently since the time of Corona. He has no enmity with anyone. Nor have they ever had any quarrel. Most of the students from poor section used to reach them to prepare for the competition.


Sadhana is the only effort to attain Paramarth

Parmarth means that the ultimate meaning is that, by which worldly sufferings are completely destroyed and the effort to achieve this Paramarth is sadhna. Where the soul is free from all things, that is, free from all kinds of sufferings, it is called Paramatma.

As long as the seeker maintains dualistic feelings, he will say that spiritual practice is the process by which the soul and the Supreme Soul become one. The soul, that is, bound by its samskaras, moves in universal waves subject to the changes of birth and death. It does not attain the ultimate bliss of its original form. However, it becomes divine the very moment it ceases all its samskaras through cultivation and the efforts of the living entity mind. There is no difference between the soul and the Supreme Soul, except in the sacraments. The underlying meaning is that the entity soul is the entity, which enjoys all the fruits and the divine is the witness of all actions and reactions in the world. The soul is under the influence of Prakriti, it is under Maya or controlled by Maya, while Paramatma, in whatever form it appears, is the Mayadhish or controller of Maya.

God is the only supreme being. Thus it is found that what appears in the mind of a person as a fact in the past is false in the present and what appears to be untrue in the past is believed to be a real aspect of the present. Therefore neither of these worldly reality or falsehood is a permanent truth. In one place the same fruit is known as sweet fruit, while in another land the same fruit is known as sour fruit due to changes in soil. A particular object appears white to the general public, but it appears yellow to a jaundiced patient. Nothing in the universe can be a permanent reality because of its dependence on time, space and individual.

Only Brahman is the eternal reality beyond the influence of nature, which is beyond mind. His abode is certainly above the limits of time, place and person. All things in this manifest universe, which we at first glance believe to be real, are actually relative truths. Paramatma is a universal entity and therefore is above these three guna differences.

This visible world is the mental manifestation of Brahman. He is a unique and all-encompassing reality. It is said in Shruti  everything is Brahman. Everything in the universe is created by Him, sustains in Him and is absorbed in Him. Tantra also confirms this.

The word Brahma means great. Merely calling him great is not enough, because Brahma alone has the power to make others great. By His grace the souls get absorbed in His thoughts and attain Him, that is, greatness. When a person attains that state, they cannot see, hear or feel anything, they attain the position of Brahman. But people generally do not achieve this state, because worldly attractions keep the senses under control in various subjects. They have to go through special processes to be free from objects. Where there is an object, there is no realization of Brahman. Mankind as a whole has to undergo certain disciplines to be free from objective feelings. These disciplines are called sadhana.

Man is more aware than all the other creatures in this world, but he is also more absorbed in worldly attachments. Through intellectual powers man invents new things for the attainment of happiness, but whatever is created is the object of the intellect. When these products of the intellect hinder the attainment of happiness, only then do people try to attain true knowledge. True knowledge is immutable. In the course of one’s research, he finds Brahman at the root of everything and becomes ready to seek it. This is called sadhana.


The mother held the feet and the brother beheaded; Then the merciless took selfies; Horrible punishment to the girl of love marriage

In Maharashtra, a Haiwan brother beheaded his sister who ran away with her lover and married her. An angry younger brother brutally murdered his sister on Sunday in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. In this dreadful incident, his mother gave full support. When the younger brother beheaded the girl in her age, the mother kept holding the daughter’s leg. The age of the deceased girl is said to be 19 years.

Police said that the incident took place when the girl was in her house on Sunday and the accused mother and son had come to meet her. According to the police officer, after brutally killing the sister, the accused boy took the severed head to the courtyard and threw it in the air. After this both the mother and son fled from the spot. However, the police claimed that the mother-son duo had also taken selfies with severed heads before absconding.

However, due to the activism of the police, the murderer brother was caught. While the accused boy has been detained, his mother has been arrested, the police officer said. The girl’s name is Kirti Thore, who got married in June after running away with her lover. Both his brother and mother got angry.

On Sunday, both the accused went to meet the deceased girl at her house and claimed that they wanted to talk to her. The woman was attacked while she was making tea for them. Officials said when the son attacked the girl, the mother grabbed the daughter’s leg and then the accused son beheaded her with a sickle.

News agency ANI quoted the police as saying that the accused surrendered at Virgaon police station and confessed to their crime and are now being arrested. Aurangabad police said that the mother and brother said they killed her because she married a man of her choice. The accused was arrested after confessing to the crime.


Afrikaans are also singing Nora Fatehi’s song, these two brothers and sisters robbed the gathering, video

The popularity of Bollywood songs has reached Tanzania through the Internet. On social media, many people can be seen lip-syncing to the songs of the Hindi film. A Tanzanian brother-sister video went viral in which they can be seen lip-syncing to a song (Tum Hi Ho) from the 2013 Hindi film Aashiqui 2.

After this, now again these days both of them are seen dancing with the song (Kusu Kusu) of Satyamev Jayate 2. The video is viral in social media these days.

This song is danced by Nora Fatehi and sung by Zahra S Khan. The song has already garnered over 120 million views and is still counting.

The video shared on Instagram by brother, Kylie Paul, shows him and his sister completely lip-syncing to the song. As the sister continues to lip-sync, Kylie Paul follows her with a delightful little choreography. This makes the video even more enjoyable.

The video, shared just 17 hours ago, has garnered over 32,000 likes and multiple reactions so far. Netizens were totally impressed with this desi performance. Brothers and sisters are being praised. Many people requested more videos from him. Singer Zahra Khan of Kusu Kusu has also commented on the video.

The song Kusu Kusu was released online. The lyrics and music of the song is given by Tanishk Bagchi while vocals are given by Zahra S Khan and Dev Negi.